Box sets » Imports and exports

Chart 2F: Line chart showing trade intensity in the UK and rest of the G7
Since the June 2016 EU referendum, our forecasts have incorporated a set of assumptions about the economic impact of Brexit on trade, productivity, investment, and migration. In this box, we assessed our current assumptions on trade against the latest evidence.

Economy categories: Imports and exports, Real GDP

Cross-cutting categories: Brexit and the EU, International comparisons

Chart 3A: Energy consumption and gas supply
Since 1970 the UK's energy sector has undergone significant shifts following the discovery of oil and gas in the North Sea and the energy shocks of the 1970s. In this box we summarised the historical events and changes that has led to the UK has become increasingly dependent on imported gas.

Economy categories: Imports and exports, Gas prices, Oil prices

Cross-cutting categories: Energy