We regularly provide evidence to UK Parliament through committee hearings, such as those with the Treasury Select Committee. Oral and written evidence that we have submitted and reports which scrutinise the work of the OBR appear on the Parliament website. We also provide evidence to the Scottish Parliament and the National Assembly for Wales.

Evidence to the Treasury Select Committee on the Economic and fiscal outlook

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March 2024
March 2023November 2023
March 2022November 2022
March 2021October 2021
March 2020Spending Review 2020
November 2019 cancelled due to called electionSpending Round 2019March 2019
October 2018March 2018
November 2017 and our response
March 2017
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Treasury Select Committee reports on Budget Responsibility Committee Appointments

Reports and evidence to the Treasury Select Committee and the Economic Affairs Committee on other topics

Scottish Parliament

Evidence to the Scottish Parliament can be found on the Scottish tax and spending forecasts page


National Assembly for Wales

Evidence to the National Assembly for Wales can be found on the Welsh tax forecasts page