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Postal address: Office for Budget Responsibility, 14T, 102 Petty France, London SW1H 9AJ

Staff contacts

Chief of staff

Steve Farrington
[email protected]

Deputy chief of staff

Jim Ebdon 
[email protected] 

Strategy, Operations and Communications

Mark Dembowicz
[email protected]

Economy forecast and economic analysis and modelling 

Scott Bowman – Economy forecast oversight
[email protected]

Tom Wickstead – Indirect effects oversight
[email protected]

Rosie Colthorpe – Economic modelling and analysis 
[email protected]  

Fiscal analysis

Jon Riley – Tax and fiscal forecasts
[email protected]

Graham Atkins – Public expenditure forecast and welfare analysis
[email protected]  

Policy costings and devolution

Surjinder Johal
[email protected]

Fiscal risks and sustainability

Zoe Tavares
[email protected]