The OBR is committed to transparency. As part of this commitment, we report details of our governance terms of reference, minutes of meetings and annual corporate and business plans.

We also publish a log of substantive contact made between ministers, special advisers, private office and opposition MP’s and the OBR.

Our full and transparent Annual report each summer also appears on this page, which includes a summary of our work over the previous year, plans for the next year, details of our budget and an assessment of the OBR’s performance from our non-executive members.

You will also find a log of hospitality received and expenses incurred by the Budget Responsibility Committee, all OBR expenditure over £500 and staff post details.


The OBR’s Oversight Board is responsible for establishing and taking forward the strategic aims of the OBR and for ensuring that we have effective governance arrangements in place, providing assurance on our internal risk management and controls. It consists of the three members of the BRC and our two Non-executive members currently Sir Christopher Kelly and Bronwyn Curtis OBE. Consistent with best practice in corporate governance, the Oversight Board is chaired by one of the Non-executive members, currently Sir Christopher Kelly. The Board has an Audit sub-Committee which is currently chaired by Bronwyn Curtis OBE.

Log of substantive contact

As part of our commitment to transparency we publish details of contact made between ministers, special advisers, private office and opposition MP’s and the OBR.

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Annual reports

The OBR’s Annual report and accounts outlines our achievements over the past year and contains an assessment of how we have performed our main duties by our non-executive members. It also contains our accounts for the last financial year and information about how we work.

Annual report and accounts 2021-22

June 30, 2022 – 2.18 MB

Annual report and accounts 2020-21

July 5, 2021 – 660.04 KB

Annual report and accounts 2019-20

June 30, 2020 – 571.14 KB

Annual report and accounts 2018-19

July 4, 2019 – 725.32 KB

Annual report and accounts 2017-18

June 28, 2018 – 656.96 KB

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We publish details of expenses incurred and hospitality received by BRC members on a bi-annual basis.

Expenditure over £500

We also detail expenditure in excess of £500 twice a year.