We publish data on various aspects of the public finances and to provide supplementary information to support our forecasts and other analysis.  Please email [email protected] to let us know what further data you would find useful.

Key sources

Our most recent fiscal aggregates forecasts and the latest monthly outturn data from the ONS.
Updated around 2 working days after the monthly public finance release

Access public finances databanks for 2021-22

Access public finances databanks for 2020-21

Access public finances databanks for 2019-20

We have overhauled our historical forecast database so that it now includes successive forecasts and recent outturn data for many more variables – including all the main lines of tax and public spending, plus the major fiscal aggregates (such as public sector borrowing and debt) – from our forecasts since 2010. The database also includes most of the economic and fiscal forecasts published by the Treasury prior to 2010 and in some cases back as far as 1970.
Updated at every fiscal event

Policy measures database

April 1, 2021 – 981 KB
Budget and Autumn Statement policies and their savings or costs to the Exchequer since 1970.
Updated at every fiscal event

Each certified policy costing assigned with a subjective uncertainty rating.
Updated at every fiscal event

Forecast revisions database

October 27, 2021 – 146 KB
A decomposition of revisions to all our fiscal forecasts since 2010 into underlying forecast changes, classification changes and policy changes.
Updated at every fiscal event

Annex B - Fiscal forecast revisions

March 16, 2016 – 165 KB
In March 2016, we reviewed the average size and direction of our underlying forecast revisions since our first forecast in June 2010 and summarised how the Government had responded with policy decisions at each fiscal event. The database above was published for the first time alongside this Annex.

Policy risks database

October 27, 2021 – 99 KB
Policy risks represent Government ‘ambitions’ and ‘intentions’ that are insufficiently firm to be included in our central forecast.

Supplementary data

Alongside each of our main reports we publish supplementary databases providing more detail on aspects of our forecasts and analysis. We also publish a spreadsheet version of all the charts and tables in each report. Databases published alongside earlier reports can be found on the relevant main report pages.

Economic and fiscal outlook – October 2021

Fiscal sustainability report – July 2020

Forecast evaluation report – January 2021

Welfare trends report – March 2021

Fiscal risks report – July 2021