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Line chart showing cumulative public sector net borrowing

Budget deficit starts rising again in October

Government borrowing in October 2022 was £13.5 billion, £4.4 billion higher than last year – thanks to the first payments from two energy support schemes for households. But year-to-date borrowing of £84.4 billion is down £21.7 billion (20.5 per cent) on last year – thanks to stronger tax receipts and no spending on Covid schemes,…

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Details regarding our upcoming Economic and fiscal outlook

Press briefing We will publish our latest Economic and fiscal outlook (EFO) on Thursday 17 November, once the Chancellor has completed his Autumn Statement in Parliament. Richard Hughes, OBR Chair, will present the main judgements and conclusions of the EFO live on Slido or on our YouTube channel at 2pm. There will be a Q&A…

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Forecast timetable to 31 October published

On 10 October the Chancellor announced that the publication of our forecast will be brought forward to Monday 31 October. That day we will publish our latest outlook for the economy and public finances. In light of the heightened public interest, and in response to the recommendations of our Non-Executive Members’ recent review of the forecast…

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Exchange of letters between Mel Stride MP and Richard Hughes

In August the Chair of the Treasury Select Committee, Mel Stride MP and Chair Richard Hughes exchanged letters regarding the OBR’s preparations for a potential Emergency Budget. Richard Hughes has now updated Mel Stride on the 23 November forecast timetable.

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Next steps in the November 2022 forecast

The Chancellor has commissioned the OBR to publish an updated forecast on 23 November alongside the Medium-Term Fiscal Plan. As part of every forecasting process, we provide the Chancellor with a series of interim drafts of our forecasts as an input into policymaking in the run-up to the final, published Economic and fiscal outlook. The Chancellor…