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Monthly profiles for 2024-25

We have published monthly profiles for receipts, spending and borrowing in 2024-25, consistent with our March 2024 Economic and fiscal outlook, below and alongside our monthly commentary on the public finances.

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Supplementary forecast information on fuel duty receipts by vehicle type

Since the publication of our March 2024 Economic and fiscal outlook (EFO) we have received a request for further information on our forecast of fuel duty receipts by vehicle type. We have published this new supplementary forecast information below and on the March 2024 EFO page.

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Letters to John McDonnell MP and Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP

We have published two letters of correspondence on our website today. John McDonnell MP wrote to us on 7 March asking for clarification on the methodology used for the CGT changes announced at Budget and for an explanation of the different numbers presented in the OBR’s Economic and fiscal outlook and the Treasury’s Red Book….

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Need the detail?

Download our detailed forecast tables and data behind our report.

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Budget cuts taxes but also leaves smaller margin against the Government’s fiscal rules

Overall, the economic and fiscal outlook is similar to November. While growth has slightly disappointed since then, a steeper fall in inflation and interest rates should support a stronger recovery. Against this backdrop, the Budget announces another 2p cut in national insurance, the cost of which is partly recouped through other tax rises. Public services…