Tax by tax, spend by spend

In preparing and evaluating our fiscal forecasts, we consider an enormous amount of information across all aspects of the tax system and public spending. Our Economic and fiscal outlook documents and supporting material present much of that information for each forecast. Each year’s Forecast evaluation report looks back at selected forecasts to understand how and why actual developments differed from those that we expected. And there is much more information presented in our other main reports, in briefing and working papers, and in databases of latest dataprevious forecasts and the estimated effects of new policy announcements.

In the pages listed below, we have taken the information available in our documents and elsewhere on our website – supplemented by external sources including the Office for National StatisticsHMRCDWP and the Institute for Fiscal Studies – and gathered it together for each line of our fiscal forecast, tax-by-tax and spend-by-spend. For each one it describes what the tax or spending line represents in the real world, how the amount of money raised or spent has evolved in recent years and sets out our most recent forecast and how it is performing against the latest data. It also provides background information about how we produce each forecast, how they have evolved over time and other issues that we hope will be of interest.

We have started with the biggest tax and spending lines and will continue to populate these pages over time. We will endeavour to update them as soon as possible after we publish new forecasts or when other new information becomes available. And, as with all our work, we would welcome user feedback on the content and presentation of these pages to

Some of the following pages have not been updated for our March 2019 forecasts. We will endeavour to update them as soon as possible.