Our latest report on Fiscal risks and sustainability (FRS) will be published on Tuesday 2 July.
The 2024 FRS report will focus on three current pressures on the public finances:

  • Climate change, where we will explore the potential economic and fiscal costs of damage from, and adaptation to, a changing climate in order to illustrate the scale of associated fiscal risks and put the costs of net zero in their wider context.
  • Health spending, where we will examine the long-term drivers of health spending and the economic and fiscal implications of changes in those drivers.
  • Debt sustainability, where we will look at an updated set of long-run debt projections, based on updated economic, spending, tax and demographic assumptions, and including alternative scenarios around productivity, net migration, climate change, and health.

We would like to invite those with expertise or experience in these areas to share with us their insights or direct us to relevant material that we should consider for the report. You can contact us by emailing [email protected].