We will publish our latest Economic and fiscal outlook (EFO) on Wednesday 27 October once the Chancellor has completed his Budget statement in Parliament.

The EFO will present our latest forecast for the economy and public finances, which will include all policy measures announced since our previous forecast in March, including in the combined Spending Review and Budget, which will be announced alongside.

Our pre-policy measures forecast was closed earlier than usual in response to a request from the Chancellor for more time to complete the Spending Review as well as the Budget (as was the case at the previous multi-year Spending Review in November 2015). Specifically, the economy forecast was closed to any non-policy related news on 24 September and the fiscal forecast on 1 October. Where possible, we will set out the implications of subsequent developments in the EFO.

Richard Hughes will present the main judgements and conclusions at 14:30 on Wednesday 27 October via Zoom. You can join via the Zoom web app or the desktop program if you have it downloaded. If you are unable to join via Zoom, it is possible to watch via our live stream on our YouTube channel, but unfortunately we are only able to take questions from Zoom attendees. Richard will be joined by Prof. Sir Charlie Bean, in his final OBR forecast, and Andy King for the Q&A session.

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