Monthly commentary on the public finances – afternoon

Public finances data for June 2016 will be published by the ONS and HM Treasury tomorrow, 21 July 2016, at 9:30am. Our regular monthly commentary will be published by early afternoon. It is worth noting that most of the period covered by these data preceded the EU referendum.

Supplementary release – 11am

Since the publication of our March 2016 Economic and fiscal outlook (EFO) we have received a request to publish further detail of our universal credit caseload forecasts. We will publish this new supplementary forecast information tomorrow on the main EFO page of our website.

Fiscal sustainability analytical papers – 2pm

As indicated in our statement following the EU referendum, we plan to publish some of the analysis that would have featured in our 2016 Fiscal sustainability report, where the conclusions were less sensitive to assumptions that might be affected by the referendum result. We will publish three Fiscal sustainability analytical papers tomorrow at 2pm. They will cover: the public sector balance sheet; the longer-term effects of student loan policy announcements over the past year; and how the latest population projections would affect state pensions spending.