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Fiscal risks and sustainability 2022 due Thursday

Our 2022 Fiscal risks and sustainability report will be published at 9.30am on Thursday 7 July Our new combined FRS report will focus on 3 major risks to the public finances: rising geopolitical tensions, higher energy prices and an ageing population.

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Fiscal risks report 2021

After the second ‘once in a century’ shock in just two decades, our third Fiscal risks report focuses on three large, and potentially catastrophic, sources of fiscal risks. The pandemic could leave £10 billion per year in spending pressures and long-term economic scars. While unmitigated climate change would spell disaster, the net fiscal costs of…

Fiscal risks report 2021 due 6 July

Fiscal risks report 2021 due 6 July

Every two years since 2017 the Office for Budget Responsibility produces a report on the fiscal risks facing the UK. We will publish our latest Fiscal risks report (FRR) on Tuesday 6 July. As previously announced, alongside providing updates on significant developments regarding specific risks highlighted in our previous reports, the 2021 FRR will focus…

Overview of the July 2019 Fiscal risks report

In 2017 we produced our first Fiscal risks report (FRR), an assessment of the shocks and pressures that could threaten our forecast for the public finances over the medium term and fiscal sustainability over the longer term. In this, our second report, we revisit and broaden that assessment in light of recent economic and fiscal…

Fiscal risks report 2019

Our second Fiscal risks report will be published at 9.30am on Thursday 18 July, two years since our inaugural report on risks to the public finances. Commissioned by Parliament in 2015, the report identifies and analyses risks to the medium term outlook for the public finances and to long-term fiscal sustainability. It covers a wide…